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M’aseda Unique naturalle LLC is a personal care product line that focuses on producing all natural products using organic ingredients and inspired by ancient system of herbal medicine.Including ayurvedic herbs with powerful antifungal and antibacterial properties that promote healthy hair development and excellent hydration and moisture for the skin. Our products are ideal for individuals with woolly,nappy,tight ,coiled hair or spiral hair /anyone with difficulty in many their hair or maintaining a healthy hair and also those who have skin irritations. After years of unsuccessfully searching for effective products to help manage my hair and becoming a product junk I decided to face this stressful struggle .I carefully researched,developed and tested formulas on my hair as well as friends and family.Results were phenomenal and the demand increased.This became a hobby and also was excited creating new batches and giving them out to people.Peoples impressions and impact were very inspiring to me ,their interest and request for more encouraged me to expand and extend this good news/works to other people out there that I cannot reach. At first this was daunting to me but upon much persistence I came up with these wonderful high quality products that yields great results. I am beamed with excitement when customers share their successful hair journey with me,showing me tremendous results that are evidence of the uniqueness of M’aseda Unique naturalle products. My quest for answers and solutions turned into a profitable situation that has helped lots of people gain hair freedom and independence,turned their pain into gain and always having a happy hair day. Join our unique team/family today!!!!

Our Products

Our products are handmade and crafted with exceptional care.They are formulated using the best natural ingredients that provide the hair ,scalp and skin with beneficial minerals,vitamins and antioxidants that are necessary for hair /skin development.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide variety of options to customers that best suits their natural hair/skin needs.

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